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Champagne Cocktail, "The best of all worlds."

Sheila Lukins rise to foodie fame is documented in this morning's New York Times obituary. She was my food goddess -- unlike so many who were enamored of Julia Child, I loved Sheila Lukins and happily visited her store nearly thirty years ago on a trip to NYC. Those chutneys were amazing.

A graduate from the Cordon Bleu School in London, she moved back to New York and her first commercial venture into The Big Apple's cookery scene was The Other Woman Catering Company. Her motto, "So discreet, so delicious and I deliver." was pretty risque but also very successful in attracting her target demographic -- New York bachelors who needed a little help navigating the waters of the at home dinner party.

I bought my first Silver Palate cookbook in 1982 because I was bored with the basics. Page 127 - Pot Roast, "A perfect Sunday supper." Page 331 - Mimosa, "A splendid way to begin the day." From straight talk about asparagus to the pasta glossary, I learne…