Buying, Growing and Eating Local is My Bag

There are still a few weeks left to this year's summer crops harvest season in my neck of the woods and longer in other parts of the country. Apples and winter squash are just coming in and root veggies, potatoes and turnips and the like will be appearing at roadside stands and farmers markets soon.

Finding your area’s local harvest hot spots is trendy and socially responsible. But if being hip isn’t reason enough for you to jump on the locavore bandwagon and join the In-crowd at your regional Farmers Market and roadside stands then read on, you’re bound to find a good excuse to Buy Local!

Top 10 Reasons to Eat Local Food

10. Eating local means more dollars get pumped into the local economy.

9. Locally grown food is thousands of miles fresher.

8. Buying, eating and growing local fruits and vegetables is politically correct.

7. Eating local is better for air quality -- fewer miles driven for delivery, less exhaust.

6. Buying local food helps our awareness of each seasonal bounty.

5. Buying locally grown food will give you a warm fuzzy feeling inside.

4. Local grown food has less susceptibility to harmful contamination and other safety issues.

3. Local food growers offer more variety.

2. Supporting local providers supports farmland protection.

And the Number 1 Reason to buy local foods is actually a question...

Have you tasted an ear of super sweet corn shucked and boiled less than 24 hours from picking?

I rest my case!


  1. amen, sister !! hallelujah !!

    1.1 reason is multicolored salsa made from heirloom tomatoes: yellow, green, orange, pink, and tiger stripped .... oh man !!!!


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