In the groove 'til you make a mistake

This is the hot chili pepper jelly and classic cheese platter I brought as a hostess gift to a Friday night patio party at the start of the long holiday weekend. Homemade goat cheese spread on good quality store bought crackers, cold cooked shrimp, crudites and veggie dip complimented classic Kir making for a pleasant evening with friends.

I told you about my first canning season failure with that soupy apple jelly and today I had another flop. A new batch of pepper jelly jelled into a rubbery consistency. Tastes good but is basically unspreadable. The apple syrup was pretty good on French toast the other day. Now I need to come up with an idea for this over-jelled jelly. Maybe if I use it instead of marmalade to make the glaze for plum chicken? I hate to waste it but I think I'll just toss it and try again another day.

Jams and jellies can be tricky businesss. Like I've said before, nobody's perfect. But I have no intention of giving away an imperfect product. That's why when I make up a batch of jelly, I keep a little out of the jars to taste what whoever opens the jar will taste. When all else fails, there's always good store bought.


8 ounces plain goat cheese
1 tablespoon creme fraiche (page 339, The Silver Palate Cookbook)
2 tablespoons marscopone cheese

Using an electric mixer whip all ingredients into a creamy spread, (about 1 minute on medium high). Spoon into a pretty glass bowl and serve with crackers or thin sliced baguette. Top with your favorite hot pepper jelly.


  1. Your hot chili pepper jelly was a huge hit with my extended family this weekend! Served it with various cheeses and crackers. Were your ears burning? We were all praising your culinary talents. :) YUM!


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