My New Kitchen Toy

This may not look like much to get excited about to you, but for me? Let's just say that I am thrilled to have a new ravioli stamp. This new tool will give me broader horizons and more daring opportunities than my little old round ravioli press.

Don't get me wrong, little round cheese raviolis have been part of my repertoire since forever. Every year I get a personal call from one Carmino Daniele to make said little round cheese ravioli for his annual holiday office party. Anytime anyone named Carmino likes your ravioli enough to make a request -- I think it's safe to say, my ravioli and red sauce are desirable additions to the buffet table.

But tonight, I'm dreaming about big squares of tender dough stuffed with lobster and smothered with shallot cream sauce for a main course, crystallized ginger apple-filled ravioli for dessert, or a savory Mexican chicken with salsa-style topping for an appetizer. I might even try fried raviolis ... the possibilities are endless! Anybody have any good ideas?


  1. I have a nice squash ravioli on my blog of which I'm fond. On the ohte rhand, frankly, I don't think you can be plain old cheese!

    Your toy looks FABULOUS.

  2. the way you have it "marketed," like a fine stone .... how could one not get excited.

  3. @M -- that is exactly how I feel about it!


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