Oh crap, I cheated.

How could a day that began with 1 scrambled egg and 1 slice of whole grain toast go so terribly wrong? Lunch was a delicious 420 calorie platter of roasted turkey slices, baby greens, walnut meats and fresh chopped tomatoes. So far so good for a day of meetings in New York City while my friend and travel companion, author Sherri Erwin (April 13 release date of Jane Slayre coming up fast) was off with agent, editor and publicist.

Then it happened. I offered to take my son and his lovely girlfriend to his favorite restaurant. One trip to Gramercy Tavern and it all fell apart. See the two guys sitting at the table in the center of the restaurant's interior shot? That was exactly our table. If you saw what we ate and drank you'd understand. Meg and I shared a Merguez sausage and chick pea appetizer washed down with an Orange Blossom (sparkling wine with Elderflower liqueur and orange bitters -- yummy). And yes, I took one little taste of Sherri's sweetbread.

How about main course choices you ask?

Not your ordinary chicken
. Drizzled bone-in breast with a balsamic reduction and served with carrots and charred parsnips. Sherri had the flounder with carmelized sunchokes and mussels. Luke went for the hanger steak special and Meg the seafood and parsnip chowder. Totally off the diet for the day, my companions made a valiant attempt to get me back on track. One chocolate pudding around the table -- one bite each.

Sherri says, "It happens." I'll be back on the wagon tomorrow.


  1. We all have days like that--but as you say tomorrow is FOR SURE another day.

  2. Not HORRIBLE....it could have been much worse!


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