What's in your freezer?

What's in a person’s freezer says a lot about them. Love meat? Betting you have a steak or two. Hate shopping? Exactly how long do you think that old bag of veggies from Giant will last — you know, from before Giant changed its logo? Value freshness? Your freezer is likely empty except for ice cream (preferably Häagen-Dazs).

As you can see from the picture. I love love love my frozen fruits and veggies, and my freezer shows it. I have bags of frozen peppers, corn, green beans, frozen peas. For those diet smoothies I love so much, I keep a couple of bags of frozen berries (which also make for fun ice cubes in my water bottle). My son JP is fond of frozen diet meals for lunch and my husband is addicted to fruit sorbet. We buy fresh most of the time so sometimes it does look a little barren in there, especially right before we go grocery shopping.

And tucked
in the back, inside a Tupperware snap on lid drink cup is some limoncello, leftover from a backyard fiesta that ended in a blur (I was home, not driving). Well worth keeping ice cold for after dinner sometime soon. So ... what do you have in your freezer?


  1. Alas, the stuff in my freezer is WAY TOO OLD. I keep thinking if I tuck leftovers in there I'll eat them sometime--and sometimes I do. Sometimes, however, they sit and sit and sit. I guess it's time for a little spring cleaning........

    I used to freeze fresh fruits and veggies, but I'm not good enough a it. Now I just eat them in season and buy some commercial frozen out of season.

  2. I get the vibe that there is a zen factor to having that limoncello "tucked in the back."

  3. The freezer is where I store food until it is old enough to throw away.


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