Breakfast of Champions

If you've never slathered low fat pound cake toast with homemade low sugar refrigerator jam, or store bought marmalade or peanut butter or even a whisper of butter or margarine, you've been missing out. Sprinkle a teaspoon of sunflower seeds on top and you have an under two hundred calorie Flat Belly Diet breakfast complete with MUFA.

So brew a pot of tea and pull out your toaster -- eating healthier never tasted so yummy.


  1. I need some PROTEIN in the AM. Otherwise I am useless by 10:00.

    Still. That sounds MIGHTY delicious!

  2. Under two hundred calories means you can add a scrambled egg and a slice of turkey bacon and STILL be under 400 calories for a Flat Belly Diet friendly breakfast.

  3. tasty and satisfying on may levels. smell, visual, etc....


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